Why Beeswax wraps just don't cut the mustard!

In 2019, we saw a huge increase of beeswax wraps being sold across social media, online retailers like Amazon and eBay and even in our local supermarkets. 

We think that beeswax wraps are great for wrapping cheese, but are you sure you want to wrap all your food types, in a product that cannot be properly washed?.... Ew! This means you cannot use the same beeswax wraps for raw meat, vegetables, fish, cheese etc.

Not to mention that after 30-50 uses they will start to crumble and bits of wax and essential oils will be contaminating your food! 

Here's a link to our Blog post on How to clean your Fresh Thinking Co silicone lids (It's really, really easy!)


Our silicone lids are fully dishwasher safe. We recommend that you lye them flat in the dishwasher and then leave to dry out in the kitchen over some clean kitchen roll or dish cloth. Very easy, very clean!